Questions and answers about the NEM association and membership

Frequently asked questions and answers

1. What does "NEM Verband" actually mean?

The abbreviation “NEM” stands for nutritional supplements.

2. What does the NEM Association do?

The NEM Association represents the legal interests of medium-sized companies vis-à-vis authorities and in all political and economic areas. Furthermore, the NEM Association offers its members support through technical and legal advice.

More detailed information about our services can be found here.

3. How does my membership strengthen the NEM Association?

As a member, you help make the NEM Association more successful in promoting public health and the right to healthy food.

  • By joining the NEM Association, you will strengthen and support the work of the NEM Association … bring in your ideas!
  • They support us by visiting our seminars, recommending us to others and by actively shaping the association’s goals.
  • Each member helps to further expand our versatile information offer for young entrepreneurs.
  • As a member, you give your voice to the right to healthy eating and influence politics
  • They give more weight to the voice of the NEM association. The more people speak with one voice, the more attentive the policy is.
  • With your contribution, the NEM Association has more money to spend on scientific research, political engagement and public relations.
  • They belong to one of the largest social networks, which strengthens public health

So you are not just a silent promoter, you can also decide where the association is going. Further information such as the current statutes of the NEM Association can be found here.


4. What brings me a membership in the NEM Association?

Members of the NEM Association benefit from membership in many ways, because the Association:

  • informed expertly and quickly around the topic of food law, cosmetics law and current nutritional science topics.
  • involves its members actively in the work of its specialized committees and thus in the formation of opinions,
  • provides support and concrete assistance in solving food law, nutrition science and cosmetic law issues and problems,
  • represents the interests of its members as a recognized interlocutor with governments and legislators at national and European level,
  • supports you as a reliable partner in times of crisis
  • offers events, information and publications on current topics.
  • Further detailed information can be found here.  
5. What are the benefits of membership?

Network building, broader political representation, formation of a larger lobby, exchange of experience, joint action on politically relevant issues and much more. more detailed information can be found here.  

6. Who can become a member?

Members can become small and medium-sized enterprises, provided that they deal with the subject area, eg. B. Production of dietary supplements, etc. Detailed information can be found here

7. Do I have to have a company to become a member of the NEM Association?

Every natural person (including individuals) and legal entities are able to join us if they work in the department.

8. What is the duration of membership?

The duration of membership is unlimited. If not canceled for at least 3 months before the end of the year, membership automatically renews for another year.

9. How do I find out what is in the statutes of the association?

You can find our association statute here.

10. How are the membership fees used by the NEM Association?

With your financial help, you ensure that we can conduct scientific research, political engagement and public relations. As a member, you provide the NEM Association with the necessary financial backing to ensure the implementation of long-term projects for the preservation of public health.

11. Do I have to be a member for a certain period in order to use the services of the NEM Association?

Our services can be used from the first day of your membership.

12. If I am a member, who is my contact person ... on moving, changing the bank details, etc.?

Changes can be sent directly to the office of the association, either by post to the following postal address

NEM Association
Horst Uhlig-Str. 3
D – 56291 Laudert

or by mail on

13. How do I make a request? How can I become a member of the NEM Association?

You become a member by downloading, filling out and submitting the membership application to us, either by post, by fax or by email to Then we will contact you immediately with a welcome email. You will also have access to the members area and your own membership number.

The membership application can be found here.

14. How can I access the membership form?

You have already decided on the NEM association? Then you can fill in the application directly online here. You also have the opportunity to complete the application form here, print it and then send it by post.

15. What is the monthly membership fee?
  • Annual membership fees for full members:
    Annual membership fee: 700,00 €
  • Annual membership fee as an entrepreneur: 350,00 € for the first two years
    Proof in the form of a copy of the trade registration must be provided by the member.
  • Annual fee for membership as a small business: 120,00 €
    the corresponding proof according to sales tax law is to be provided by the member.
16. How can I get help from the NEM Association? How do I contact the NEM Association?

Basically, you always contact us in writing, either by email on or you use our online contact form. Describe your topic and describe exactly what you need from us.

17. I have a food law question, who can I contact?

If you have a food law question and you are already a NEM member, then you can contact the NEM Association. The NEM Association advises its members nationwide, through the law firm Forstmann and Büttner. You are not yet a member of the NEM Association? Read on to find out more about the benefits of becoming a member of the NEM Association here. 

18. How long does it take to process the NEM dressing?

We process all mails according to the date of receipt and strive to receive an answer from you as soon as possible. As a rule, we assume a processing time of 1 to 3 days. If a certain work takes longer, we will inform you.

19. Why do I have to explicitly sign that the NEM Association may use my data?

It is mandatory that each member of the association and each member of the association wants to become a member and sign separately that their personal data may be processed and / or evaluated. This is very important for the NEM Association, as it makes the association’s work considerably easier if a member database is maintained, in which the data of all members are stored in the same way. Starting with form letters for example. Invitations to association events up to evaluations for the member or board meeting, in which it concerns the current condition or the future of the NEM federation, such a permit facilitates the work enormously. But do not worry, with the right to informational self-determination you can decide for yourself what happens to your data and how far they can be used by us. More information can be found in our privacy policy

20. Why do I need a marketability test for my product?

The aim of the marketability test is to make the product quality provable on the basis of independent checks in order to ensure food safety and thus protect traders and end users from deception and poor quality.

Every food supplement marketed in the EU must be tested for food marketability according to its classification. The association ensures that the member companies have the prescribed traffic skills and, if necessary, food expert expert opinions for their products. These can be commissioned by the NEM Association, incidentally also by internationally oriented companies, as well as by quality reports and certifications.

21. If I become a member in the middle of the year, will I pay less membership fee?

The NEM Association calculates the membership fee pro rata.

22. How can I pay the membership fee?

You can decide whether to pay the membership fee quarterly, semiannually or annually, either by direct debit or manual transfer.

23. Why do most associations want to get a direct debit from me?

With your consent, you authorize the NEM Association to collect the membership fees from the bank account you named. This consent must be given separately and explicitly. Such consent greatly simplifies the work of the association’s accounting department, as membership fees can be collected conveniently, securely and automatically through the bank’s software.

This has the following advantages:

  • The debtor no longer has to monitor appointments and saves time by eliminating the need to complete payment receipts.
  • On time payment – payment terms can not be missed.

Participation in the direct debit procedure is voluntary with the NEM Association.

24. How can I terminate the membership?

Membership ends by death, cancellation, resignation or exclusion. The resignation of a member takes place in writing to the association office.

25. Which notice period is to be observed?

The period of notice is regulated in our statute in § 3 membership (please read here) and is 3 months before the end of the year.

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