NEM Verband medium sized European manufacturers and distributors of Nutritional supplements and health products e.V.


The NEM Association

On 15 September 2006, the NEM Association of medium-sized European manufacturers and distributors of nutritional supplements & health products e. V. founded.

The NEM Association is Europe’s largest association for nutritional supplements, functional foods, specialty foods, foods for special medical purposes, cosmetics and medical devices.

We represent the interests of medium-sized industry and medium-sized businesses, as well as companies on dietary supplements, dietary foods, foods for special medical purposes, medical devices and functional foods, as well as corresponding raw materials and Wirkcosmetic.

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Aims of the NEM association work

Why do you actually do association work with all its activities, day-to-day administrative work – and this on a voluntary basis?

The answer ist quite easy:

If you want to change something positive in our society and not just criticize it, you have to do something. If you want to harvest something, you have to order the field.

Mecking alone is not enough. The association was founded just at the time when there was no advocacy for the middle class of our industry, which has openly targeted maladministration. Of course, there were and are associations that represent corporations and declare laws. But do you need associations? No – it’s clear.

Everyone wants a healthy and long life – and that’s what it’s all about.

  • A world in which you can decide how to feed yourself.
  • A world in which one may inform oneself about scientific findings.
  • A world that does not forbid agriculture to grow, something that has been around for millennia was common.
  • A world that does not pursue citizens who sell seeds and vegetables that have made up the diversity of our diet for millennia and more.

NEM e.V. – we stand up for health

The human body needs a variety of micronutrients that are no longer adequately supported by nutrition in our times. Therefore, supplementation is a duty for the health. That even recognized the DGE.

We are committed to health – including healthy eating. This is becoming more and more restricted e.g. by legal regulations etc.

The board and advisory board of the NEM e.V., which consists of entrepreneurs, lawyers, experts and nutritionists, some with decades of practical experience, will work closely with the members to ensure effective and efficient advocacy in all areas of society. Thus, the NEM Association can competently and comprehensively address the complex questions surrounding dietetic foods, dietary supplements, foods for special medical purposes, medical devices, functional foods as well as corresponding raw materials and active cosmetics.


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Accompany the NEM e.V. Objective

The ignorance of the whole area of ​​the nutritional supplement industry, which has to be noted in parts of the public and the administration, needs an urgent correction and we cordially invite you to join us actively in this goal!

On the following pages you will learn more about us!

In this sense, we remain true to our motto “freedom for healthy food”.


Ihr NEM e. V.

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