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NEM - Conference 2020, Mainz
Age research 

Dear members,
Dear Sirs and Madames,

Also this year the NEM Association is holding a full day conference on April 24th 2020 in Favorite-Parkhotel, Mainz.

This time you can expect exciting guests with super exciting lectures on the topic of aging research!

Worldwide life expectancy has increased enormously in recent decades. Thanks to modern medicine, a healthy and conscious diet and a healthy lifestyle, more people are able to live to an advanced age than ever before. While this is a great and gratifying step forward. But it also means a great challenge for both individuals and society. Well-known representatives from science answer the current questions about HEALTHY aging.

Dr. med. Dipl. Biol. Bernd-Michael Löffler reports on the importance of vitamin deficiencies for dementia development.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. habil Brigitte König give a lecture on the fight against the aging process - which way the economy shows us.

Find out in the lecture "Healthy and fit into old age" by Dipl. Ing. Philipp Gebhardt,

- what role telomeres play in the aging process,

- How vitamins and minerals influence aging and how micronutrients can be used preventively and therapeutically.

Dr. jur. Thomas Büttner, lawyer for food law and cosmetics law, law firm PHARMA-LAWYERS Forstmann & Büttner, will introduce you to the latest case law.

Learn more about current topics from practice:
- Delimitation of food supplements / pharmaceuticals. New case law of the Federal Administrative Court on Gingko opens up new opportunities.
- Latest case law on health claims, e.g. B. Change in the case law of the BGH on unspecific health claims.
- Tips for avoiding warnings and official complaints.
- Latest developments on the CBD hype.
- New case law on the marketability of food supplements



We look forward to you!


NEM - Conference 2020, Mainz
Age research
When: 24.04.2020, 10:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. 
Where: Favorite Parkhotel, Mainz

Details about the program will be announced in time!

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