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Visit to the Ministry of Health in Bonn on 13.11.2017

Supplement from 24.11.2017

Dear members,
Dear Sir or Madam,

As we recently informed you, Prof. Zänker, Dr. Ing. Büttner and Mr Scheffler were invited to an exploratory talk at the Ministry of Health in Bonn on November 13, 2017 on how to save on health care costs in the German economy.

Read the open visit report by Mr. Scheffler here 



Supplement 19/09/2017

Dear Members,

Today we would like to inform you that the Ministry of Health has replied.
The NEM Association has been invited to a "round table".

to be reported further ...


Supplement 24/08/2017

Dear Members,

Minister Gröhe has not responded to our proposal, which we have otherwise sent directly to his Ministry. The elections are upon us.

The answer to his incomprehensible behaviour will be felt by us citizens. We remind you that our proposal was to have a round table with recognized international scientists who can prove exactly how to save on health care costs in the economy.

We will not let this go and intend to write to him again.

We only fear that Minister Gröhe is more interested in election results than in health.

Best regards

Manfred Scheffler
President NEM e. V.


Dear Members,Based on an interview in the Network Career issue 06/2017, on the topic: "Vitamins or minerals: regulations for the consumer?", as we recently announced, we have written an open letter to Minister Hermann Gröhe.

In an interview with the publisher Mr. Seitz, Minister Gröhe explained that if a person is eating healthily and in a balanced diet, they usually do not need supplements and the body gets all the necessary nutrients. We cannot leave this statement unanswered. more