Offer & benefits

The NEM e. V. offers its members the following services:

Specialist lawyers, experts, institutes, laboratories and legal protection cost significantly less:

  • Participation in seminars of the association
  • Marketability tests of formulations
  • Marketability testing of raw materials
  • Marketability tests of labels / labels
  • Marketability tests of competition law issues, reviews of advertising brochures
  • Preparation of expert opinions regarding food law issues, business contract review of offers, orders, invoices, etc., examination of websites, online shops, etc., review of terms and conditions, contract design, manufacturing contracts and distribution contracts
  • Legal advice on warnings by competitors, consumer associations, authorities etc.
  • Registration advice from Health Claims
  • Registration advice from Diet. food
  • Advice on legal violations, fines, in criminal cases
  • In addition, you will receive our monthly newsletter with internal and external news as well as our new magazine "Nutrition Press", which will be published twice a year online and as a print edition. It will cover interesting and current topics from the health food industry (

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Particularly favorable conditions for NEM members in the following ARAG company insurance policies:

Certainly successful in the network
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Legal protection for the self-employed
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Manager Legal
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Special criminal legal
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For questions, information and advice please contact:

The fees for the o. G. Services are charged to members at a special rate. We look forward to your specific request.


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