Philosophy, goals, tasks

During the founding meeting of the NEM on September 15, 2006 in Lahnstein, the following goals and tasks of the NEM e. V. were decided:

1. Legal certainty for European companies in their NEM activity within Germany and the EU, with regard to
 the regulatory implementation of the corresponding regulations and laws, as well as the NEM Regulation
and EU Directive - also for dietary products and medical devices.

2. Development of a new status of BIO-NEM.

3. Enforcement of consumer interests regarding nutritional issues = freedom to fully transfer knowledge in
 the health sector and also to translate into corresponding health products. This also in the interest of
 public health.

4. Enforcement of health claims; insofar as scientific evidence is available, they should and can also be used.

5. Enforcement of approval procedures of NEM, following the example of Austria, for the Federal Republic of
 Germany and the entire EU.

6. Abolition of Abmahnvereinen. Consumer protection should be in the hands of an institute staffed on equal
 terms by entrepreneurs, science, consumers (parties are excluded). An alternative would also be

 a) a reduction of the fees for the warnings and
 b) a drastic reduction of "penalties in case of recurrence".

7. Examination and exhibition of traffic skills, food law / expert opinion also for internationally oriented

8. Expertise in food law / expert opinion.

9. Quality appraisals and certification of products with quality logos.

10. Formation of working groups (Versus Abmahnverein, NEM, medical devices, diet products etc.).

11. Creation of international subsidiaries.

12. Competition law advice.

13. Advice on technical, food law and dietary questions.

14. Monthly information to all members.

15. Memberships of other associations - only for associations with nutritional or tax purposes.

16. Protection of the middle class and small businesses. Large companies are only admitted if they are family
 businesses and expressly submit to the goals of the middle class. This must be ensured by the

17. Legal protection against official and legal arbitrariness.

18. Public relations

19. Archiving nutrition science basic research available to the members.

20. Activation of a new entrepreneurial culture of the middle class in Germany,
      Statement von Manfred Scheffler vom 12.11.2006 .

21. Seminars in marketing and sales.

22. Proposals and demands for the abolition of administrative overregulation.

23. Consultation on international technical issues (registrations and documentation abroad).

24. Offer legal protection for members.