NEM-Control ®

NEM Association sets new quality standards for consumers through self-regulation

The aim is to bring a (dietary supplement) product on the market whose composition and presentation checked in terms of content and thus exceeds the legal requirement, as a self-control.


Quality brand NEM Control®

Submission of prepared and complete product documentation will be followed by a final examination by the NEM expert panel. Applications can only be submitted by members of the NEM-Verband.

nem control

The following products have already been tested and certified:

MA Vital+. 040520011009  ab 28.10.2009 Augen-Vital Mäurer GmbH
ViSan 020170011109  ab 06.11.2009 OrthoSan GmbH
Sunshine Health AKK Kapseln 030190010110  ab 08.01.2010

C.L. Enterprise GmbH

Chronovision Lutein plus 018145010511  ab 16.11.2011

Q-Vision International GmbH

CBOO-VIT Vitamin D3 051268010416  ab 01.08.2016 OnlyOriginal by Janett Minke
OmegaPro 052284021017 ab 06.03.2018 miniBio GmbH