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Dear Readers,

It is enough! The measure is fully revered Abmahnvereine and appropriate lawyer!

In the meantime, there are about 100 Abmahnvereine in Germany and a lot of lawyers who live on it. Congratulations Germany!
It affects not only companies, but also consumers who are warned. The laws are so special that even lawyers are not always clear - but always tried courts. Laws are often ambiguous - so the courts once so and once so judge. There can only be losers - and often economic hardship.

Most consumers and entrepreneurs (including consumers) have no evil in mind. You just tap inadvertently into a faux pas.

Incidentally, this madness exists only in Germany.

There are no such things in the rest of the EU.

Who is to blame?

Are we the citizens who remain too calm and let us offer everything? - yes it is.
Is it politics that often do not know themselves - what's going on "out there" in the "real" world? Paperwork without end - no idea and fractional pressure. Yes it is
Is it the society for warnings, and "Lawyers for warnings"? - yes, of course, simpler money machines I do not know. Yes, that's worse than immoral.
Are companies even the other companies covertly obscured? - yes - certainly.
Are they corporations barking with the legislators to drive out small and medium-sized businesses? - Yes, the media have shown it in some industries.
Are they envious citizens who want to ruin other citizens for personal reasons? - Yes, certainly - the modern word bullying is unfortunately also included.
How do we get rid of the Abandon Monster Dragons?

We the NEM-Verband have developed a few solutions that we want to make public at this point, - watch out and participate!

Serious solutions that the NEM Association will tackle:
a) Inform policy about the malady
b) Citizens Actions such as petitions - which at least make the topic massively public
c) Developing concepts - so that it becomes economically uninteresting for Abmahnvereine, lawyers - this demand as a law.
d) PR work
e) Publish tips on how to avoid mistakes.
Mischievous solutions that the NEM Association will tackle:

a) Watch activities of Abmahnvereinen and impersonate correspondence.
    And more - we do not want to publish at the moment.
Join in! Get involved as an active member - if you are not yet a member. The growth is enormous at the moment - we are enthusiastic about the popularity of our association - that helps us all.

With kind regards


Manfred Scheffler
President NEM e.V.



NEM e.V. Horst-Uhlig-Straße 3
D-56291 Laudert

Fon: +49 (0) 6746 / 8 02 98-20
Fax: +49 (0) 6746 / 8 02 98-21

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